Accessory Dwelling Unit

Amreston Homes is your trusted partner in building custom homes and innovative living spaces in Rio Rancho. Are you looking for a Rio Rancho property with enough space for everything you want? Consider purchasing a home with an accessory dwelling unit in Rio Rancho. At Amreston Homes, we specialize in creating functional and stylish accessory dwelling units that offer flexibility, convenience, and additional income opportunities for future homebuyers like you.

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An accessory dwelling unit, often referred to as a granny flat, in-law suite, or backyard cottage, is a secondary living space located on the same property as the main residence. Accessory dwelling units can be attached to the main house, built as a separate structure, or converted from existing space, such as a garage or basement. These units typically feature a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and living area, providing independent living quarters for guests, family members, or tenants.


Accessory Dwelling Units Available from Amreston Homes

At Amreston Homes, we take pride in offering stylish and functional accessory dwelling units, affectionately referred to as "Casita Guest Houses." Our Casita Guest Houses include models such as The S2009 and The S3009, which are meticulously designed to provide comfortable and versatile living spaces for guests, family members, or tenants. With high-quality finishes, modern amenities, and customizable options, our Casita Guest House accessory dwelling units are the perfect solution for homeowners looking for additional space when searching for a Rio Rancho home.

The S2009: Accessory Dwelling Unit Features

Discover the epitome of comfort and functionality with The S2009, our versatile accessory dwelling unit designed to elevate your living space. Spanning 900 square feet, this thoughtfully crafted unit boasts two bedrooms and one bathroom, providing ample space for guests, family members, or tenants. Featuring a full kitchen and a convenient laundry room, The S2009 offers all the comforts of home within a compact footprint.

Additionally, exterior storage ensures ample space for belongings, while a side covered patio and covered porch provide inviting outdoor areas for relaxation or entertainment. With four elevation styles available, you can customize The S2009 to suit your personal preferences as you search for your perfect Rio Rancho home. Experience the ultimate blend of style and functionality with The S2009 from Amreston Homes.

The Ash: Accessory Dwelling Unit Features

Experience unparalleled luxury and versatility with The Ash, our exquisite accessory dwelling unit designed to elevate your lifestyle. Offering 900 square feet of skillfully crafted living space, The Ash offers two bedrooms and one bathroom, providing ample room for guests or family members. With a full kitchen and a convenient laundry room, this unit ensures effortless living and convenience. Exterior storage options cater to your organizational needs, while a side covered patio and covered porch offer inviting outdoor spaces for relaxation or entertainment.

For added convenience, attached garage options are available to enhance functionality and security. With four elevation styles to choose from, you can personalize The Ash to perfectly complement your Rio Rancho property and reflect your unique style. Heighten your home's ambiance with The Ash from Amreston Homes.


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

At Amreston Homes, we prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability in all of our construction projects, including our accessory dwelling units. We incorporate eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient appliances, and sustainable building practices to minimize environmental impact and reduce utility costs for homeowners. With an energy-efficient home and accessory dwelling unit from Amreston Homes, you can enjoy comfortable living spaces while reducing your carbon footprint.


Amreston Home for Rio Rancho Accessory Dwelling Unit Additions

Purchase an Amreston Home with an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Rio Rancho

Ready to explore the possibilities of purchasing one of our beautiful Amreston Homes with accessory dwelling units in Rio Rancho? Contact Amreston Homes today to schedule a consultation with our team of experts. Let us help you find your perfect functional, stylish, and sustainable accessory dwelling unit that enhances your lifestyle and suits your homeowner needs. With Amreston Homes, the possibilities are endless.